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When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?



The weather in Dubai: Real-time updates

Looking forward to a vacation in Dubai? Are you familiar with the weather there? 

Dubai's desert climate is characterized by two seasons – summer and winter – and is located on the Arabian Peninsula. In general, the summer season lasts from late April to early October, and the remainder of the six months are considered the winter season. In order to visit Dubai in the most favorable weather conditions, the most recommended months are the transit months ending in April and October, although the majority of tourists tend to travel to Dubai throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. 


The Perfect Vacation In Dubai During Summer

Summer in Dubai means long days and warm nights. The temperature averages around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and drops down to 20 degrees at night.


In Dubai, weather conditions are typical of a desert climate from April to October during the summer months. You too wonder what are the average high and low temperatures during the summer? Because Dubai is located next to the sea, it is characterized by heavy heat and hot winds, along with high humidity. During this period, temperatures range from 36-43 degrees Celsius during the day and drop to 20-27 degrees Celsius at night. This is not the ideal time of year in which to visit Dubai, as the combination of heat and humidity as well as hot winds and dust storms that normally accompany this time of year can make your trips outdoors quite unpleasant.

In the height of summer, Dubai's weather is characterized by rainy days and high temperatures, so if you travel there during this time, you may be confined to a hotel for the day and may not be able to see the country as planned.

Although it may be hot in Dubai, remember to wear modest clothing. You should avoid wearing minimal clothing or clothing that reveals too much skin. If you arrive at the height of summer, perhaps you can spend the day at the hotel, in the pool, indoors, and of course in the air-conditioned shopping malls. We recommend scheduling the city tours for the afternoon and evening.


Are Vacations During Winter Good Enough?

How is the weather in Dubai during the winter? As the daytime temperature ranges from 23-32 degrees Celsius on average and at night it drops to 10-17 degrees Celsius, October to April is an excellent time to visit Dubai. The warm temperatures, coupled with a relatively small amount of rain, draw many tourists to the city during the winter.

Occasionally, you will experience rainy weather in Dubai, but it should not disrupt your itinerary too much, but it is still a good idea to keep up with the forecast and prepare, both in terms of clothing and having an alternate plan in case of a wintry morning.

Generally speaking, the warm weather allows for almost any outdoor activity, especially in the beginning or end of winter. Whether you visit a variety of attractions, go for a walk in the city, or go swimming, there is something for everyone. However, you can always return to a heated pool if you feel the water isn't warm enough to your liking in some hotels.


The Temperature Of The Water

There is something magical about Dubai's beaches and the mesmerizing sea, not to mention the relatively high temperatures, even in the winter. The temperature of the water is very pleasant year-round and varies between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius in the winter months and 25 to 33 degrees Celsius in the summer. Hence, no matter what time of year you choose to visit, you will surely enjoy swimming and the marine attractions along the bay's shores. Recommended months for spending time at sea are November and March.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Why not take advantage of the pampered lifestyle that Dubai has to offer? You may want to plan your trip for the months between December and February to avoid the extreme heat of the summer and at the same time enjoy warm and pleasant days that will allow you to enjoy the attractions or sites you choose.

What are the average rainfall levels during the summer?Take a look at the following table, which shows the average monthly temperature, along with the average monthly sea water temperature and the average monthly precipitation:


Month Average temperature (Celsius)      Average rainfall Water temperature (Celsius)
January 24° 15 mm (two days a month) 22°
February 25° 35 mm 22°
March 28° 27 mm 23°
April 32° 8 mm 24°
May 37° 1 mm 28°
June 39° 1 mm 31°
July 42° 1 mm 32°
August 43° 1 mm 33°
September      39° 0 mm 32°
October 36° 0 mm 30°
November 31° 3 mm 28°
December 26° 15 mm (two days a month)      25°


We hope you can find a week or two on your vacation schedule so you can begin planning your trip to the hottest and most fascinating destination in the world right now after reading this overview and our recommendations on when to fly to Dubai.