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Restaurants in Dubai

The city of Dubai is an oasis of modern architecture, opulence, and excess. It is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, along with a seemingly endless array of shopping malls, luxury hotels, beaches, and stadiums. The city has everything that you could want. So, why would you go to Dubai for good food?

Well, Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you can even eat and drink at restaurants that look like they belong in the middle ages. The ancient-looking buildings and ancient-looking restaurants give the impression that you’re in a different world, and they’re really fun to go to.

Are you ready to try the taste of the country’s rich cuisine? If yes, here are the top restaurants in Dubai and taste the greatest cuisine the city has to offer:

  • Pierchic provides a combination of contemporary and Italian cuisine. This restaurant is a great place to dine and enjoy a wonderful meal and to meet new friends. All the ingredients are imported from Italy, making the food at Pierchic restaurant unique and full of flavor. If you are also into visiting unique places, you might also like visiting museums and other attractions here in Dubai.
  • Buddha-Bar Dubai is a modern-day bistro with a unique combination of sophistication and casualness. The restaurant offers a range of starters ranging from salads to fish, while main courses include pizzas, pasta dishes, steak, and fish. A wide range of wines and cocktails are also available, including an extensive wine list.
  • Thiptara – Tourists to Dubai often spend their tourist money on pricey hotel rooms or expensive dining experiences. The same cannot be said for Thiptara, a restaurant that serves up authentic Thai food at an affordable price. The restaurant, located in the bustling Ta’quilla shopping district, offers a wide range of Thai dishes, including pad thai, tom yam gung, Thai sweet curry chicken, and many more.
  • Al Hadheerah – The restaurant is located in the heart of Dubai Mall. The location of this restaurant is very strategic because it gives the user an opportunity to get close to the city experience. They can get enough relaxation while dining in a calm and cozy environment. It is the perfect place for you to enjoy your dining experience.
  • Eauzone is a restaurant that mixes fusion, glamour, and a touch of Dubai’s culture with a dash of Mediterranean. It’s a perfect place to celebrate life, good food, and good times.
  • Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara – There are many reasons to dine at Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara in Dubai. From the food to the service, the restaurant is oozing with class and atmosphere. Settle in one of the plush leather seats, order some wine, and nibble on some of their delicious appetizers. The food is more than just sumptuous; it is also topped with some of the best spices you have tasted.

One of the best things about Dubai is that you can eat like a king for next to nothing. After all, why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on meals when you can eat like royalty at a fraction of the cost? The first rule of dining out in Dubai is to check out all the food outlets on offer before heading out. Dubai has a lot of great places to eat, and if you know how to pick them, you can have a great dinner for a fraction of the cost.


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