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Museums in Dubai



Dubai has a rich cultural history, with a long tradition of embracing different ideas that are unique to the Arab world. It also has the best museums. Whether you're an art lover or a history buff, Dubai has you covered—and at less than half the cost of its Western counterparts. Here are a few of the great museums you can enjoy visiting in your time in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Museum – is dedicated to the history of Dubai. Located in Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum was built in 1787, making it the oldest existing building in Dubai. It has a great collection of pieces of the civilization of the region. Its collections include more than 50,000 items, including pieces of history, literature, art, architecture, and other cultural elements. The museum sits in the central business district and is a great place for travelers and locals to explore and appreciate Dubai's rich and diverse history and its Emirates.
  2. Etihad Museum – Etihad Museums is a new city museum designed by award-winning Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima. This is also the UAE's first museum designed to reflect the country's constitution. The great thing about this museum is that it gives an insight into the rich history of the city of Dubai. The museum hosts a wide variety of artworks, which are categorized under different themes. Each artwork is the result of the efforts of several different artisans. The artworks are spread across three galleries in the museum.
  3. Coffee Museum – For many travelers, especially coffee-lovers, the Coffee Museum is the most interesting one in Dubai. It is dedicated to the beloved drink that is the essence of the emirates. The museum features a wide variety of coffee-related artifacts, such as coffee mills, coffee roasters, coffee bags, coffee jars, and other memorabilia such as artifacts from the Egyptian and Ottoman eras, as well as the history of coffee.
  4. Naif Museum – is home to the finest collection of historical artifacts of Dubai Police, the country's oldest police force. With over 100,000 artifacts dating back to 1724, the museum also holds artifacts that are of historical significance to the UAE's capital city, including the earliest urinal in the museum's collection – dating back to 1899.
  5. Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum, located in Dubai's Al Fahidi, is dedicated to an excavation site’s discovery, dating back to the Iron Age. When this building was converted into a museum, its integrity was carefully preserved. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from the site and artifacts from other archaeological sites near Sharjah.
  6. Coins Museum – Coins are a type of collectible that can be found in many types of museums, but the Coins Museum is one of the best in Dubai as it provides visitors with a comprehensive collection of rare and ancient coins from throughout the world. The museum was established in 2004 and has grown to become one of the most important and well-known museums to display and study rare and ancient coins.

Museums in Dubai are unique mementos that are strictly for the viewing of the public. They are open to the public on specific days of the year, offering a unique chance for you to explore the history of your city.

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