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Car Rental In Dubai


There are several advantages to renting a private car in Dubai:

  • Transitions between tourist attractions in the city are quick and easy
  • The road system in Dubai is efficient and convenient
  • Using public transportation between the Emirates can be a challenge. By taking a private car between them, the transition will be smooth, fast, and enjoyable.
  • Prices for fuel are relatively low.
  • Enforcement level is very high, creating safe driving routes with very low accident risks.
  • You can enjoy driving luxury vehicles and sports cars that many can only dream about.

Dubai car rental: how does it work?

Renting a car in Dubai is a simple process that can be handled online through the websites of the many car rental companies in the city, or by using a price comparison site that compares the prices of the many well-known companies.

You will be asked to present the vehicle booking voucher (assuming you have booked in advance), as well as a passport, driver's license (international) and a secure credit card upon receiving the vehicle. In order to avoid delays when you arrive, check if any additional forms are required before ordering the vehicle. You may also want to double check which gearbox you prefer since most agencies offer cars with manual transmission.

Some rental agencies restrict you from renting a car in Dubai if you are under 21 and some even charge an additional fee for young drivers.


Car rental places: where can I find them?

Several car rental companies are conveniently located in central areas, making it easy for visitors to pick up and return their vehicles. To make your trip in the country more efficient, you should check the location before renting to be sure you know where you're going as soon as you arrive.

When you arrive at the airport in Dubai, you can rent a car, or you can book one in advance so that it will be waiting for you at the airport. Nevertheless, if you are renting in advance, you may want to consider your journey time and your time of arrival, as driving at night in a new country after a long flight may not be very enjoyable.

If you need a car the next day, the hotel can help you arrange it, or you can find one independently at one of the many car rental stations spread throughout the city.


How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?

Rental car prices in Dubai are generally low, ranging between 50 USD for simple vehicles (Economy or smaller cars) and 200 USD for a more spacious vehicle designed for families, a 4X4 vehicle, or a vehicle of a higher class.

We recommend checking the option for insurance which includes the cancellation of the deductible since the cost of insurance is added to the cost of the vehicle.


Save money and time when you compare car rental prices

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Is an international driver's license required?

Yes, it is. Renting a car in Dubai requires a photocopy of a driver's license and an international driver's license. You can obtain your international license from the Ministry of Transportation in your country. 


Renting a luxury car 

Would you like to feel like a millionaire? Rent a luxury car in Dubai and you'll feel like one. It would be impossible to call this niche industry luxury car rental a “bust” in Dubai and it is in fact a very popular attraction for many tourists. You can choose from a range of luxury and sports cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Bentley and many more.

Prices for luxury cars can range from $200 per day to $800 per day, depending on the type of vehicle, rental duration, and insurance. While these amounts are not small, they are very worthwhile when shared by two or more family members for a lifetime experience.

Pay attention to the deductible clause in the insurance agreement if you plan to rent a luxury car.

As an alternative to public transport in Dubai, renting a car is easy, cheap and can greatly facilitate the transition between locations in the city. A sports car or a luxury car can also become a unique attraction if you choose to rent them.

You should remember, however, that the authorities in Dubai take very strict enforcement measures when it comes to traffic offenses and driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Make sure you follow the rules! Be sure not to violate any local rules and regulations, and most importantly – stay safe.